Tuesday, November 18, 2008


copy of Tinkerbell visual development for a test. Painted in both photoshop and corel painter

Disney Publishing - Fairy book series

Responsible for entire painting, background, and characters (includes animals).

Matte painting

Project done in matte painting class at 3D arts.

Jim Henson Co. visual development for 3D pilot

Responsible for art direction and paint for background keys, characters and props. 2008

Flintstones commercials

Background paint and occasional art direction for numerous commercials including Flintstones

Disney's Aristocats II Visual Development

Digital paint for a 3D project.

Disney Special Projects

Art DIrector and background keys painter for "Wild About Safety: Timon and Pumba's Safety Smart", through Duck Studios. 2007

Princess Stories - Disneytoons

Responsible for studying original Disney Feature backgrounds to use as reference for painting digital background keys for various princess stories. Shown are keys from Little Mermaid, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Project laid away. 2005

Lilo and Stitch II

Traditional watercolor background keys. Also responsible for digial fixes from overseas studio. 2003-2005

1001 Nights

Directed by Mike Smith, created by Yoshitaka Amano for the LA Philharmonic. a 24 minute hand colored watercolor 2D animated film. Responsible for visual development, art direction and painting/animating for the LA crew. 1997-98.

Life drawing

Personal watercolor work