Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Visual Development for Fancy Nancy c. Walt Disney Co.

A couple of matte paintings for Fancy Nancy's neighborhood.

A few versions of the Clancey's house on Fancy Nancy c.Walt Disney Co.

Responsible for visual development, art direction and background paint.  I thought the house should be a combination of Sears craftman houses from the 40's.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Sofia the First, The Princess and the Protector episode, continued

This is my favorite panel from the colorscript posted below.  It's a pushed alpenglow time of day.  I wanted Sofia's journey up the mountain to be in cold colors, but once she reaches the top, to be warm and beautiful.  I paint the colorscripts quickly, and I like the look of rough paintings, because they resemble sketchbooks.  Creating color scripts is my favorite part of the job.

Sofia the First, The Princess and the Protector episode

Color Script for another favorite episode.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sofia the First, Background

The castle room.  It's always fun making textures for the backgrounds.  Background layout drawing by Tim Allen.

Sofia the First, Mystic Isles (ending sequence)

We could never have too much violet for Sofia the First (It's Sofia's color identification)

Sofia the First, The Mystic Isles, part 2

  A sequence involving a vortex.

 The three panels above are Prisma's song sequence.  Storyboards by John Pomeroy.

 The four panels above are the "desert drama" sequence.